Rishi Kapoor has finally broke his silence on Ranbir-Katrina break up

Rishi Kapoor is very active on Social Media. He gives his opinion on every big issue. But he was silent in the case of his son Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina kaif Break up. But recently in an interview, Rishi Kapoor broke in silence on Ranbir-Katrina break up. Actually, Rishi Kapoor was silent because Ranbir and Katrina also did not say anything. Ranbir did not want to get this issue in limelight. So asked his parents also to be quite. So Rishi and Neetu did not even say a single work regarding them to the media. Rishi Kapoor talked about Ranbir and Katrina's break up, he said, 'He's had two relationships in the past with his co-actresses. We've had no problem. It's up to him who he wants as a wife, as a girlfriend or work with as a co-actor. He can marry anyone he wants. We just want a daughter in Law, we are happy in that.' We all know about which two actress Rishi is talking about. Yes, He is talking about Deepika and Katrina. However, it is difficult to guess that Ranbir is in mood to marry whom, Deepika or Katrina.