Rishi Kapoor accepted that he attended a tea meeting with Dawood Ibrahim

Rishi Kapoor has won best supporting actor award in recently held Filmfare awards for his performance in Kapoor & Sons. So he is already in the discussions but today he is not in the discussions for the award but he is in discussions for his autobiography Khullam Khulla Uncensored. He has written all the details of his meeting with Dawood Ibrahim on a tea. One hand Karan Johar is already in the discussions for his biography An unsuitable by and now Rishi Kapoor is for Khullam Khulla Uncensored. Rishi Kapoor has written in his book about his meeting with Dawood Ibrahim, the success has made me meeting with good people alongside suspicious people. In one of them was Dawood Ibrahim. It was 1988 and I came with my friend Bittoo Anand to attend the function of Asha Bhosle and R.D. Burman in Dubai. He further added, one person of Dawood always spotted at Dubai airport and when I was passing from there one person came to me and he gave me the phone and said Dawood Sahab will talk to you. Definitely, it was before 1993 Mumbai attack so that I didn't know Dawood as a fugitive. Till the time he was also not the enemy of Maharashtra people. Aamir Khan is new Raj Kapoor of Bollywood says, Rishi Kapoor He has written, till the time I thought Dawood had welcomed me and told that if you need anything just tell me. He even called me at his home and I was shocked. I got to meet a boy who looks like British, he was Dawood's right hand. He told me that Dawood wants to take tea with me. I didn't feel anything wrong and I accepted the offer. That evening I and my friend Bittoo got from there in a shining Rolls Royce. Rishi Kapoor strict reply to Taimur name critics He went ahead by writing, in the way, I felt that our car was going into a circle so I can't tell the exact location. Dawood came in a white Italian dress and he welcomed us warmly. He said politely that I called you team meeting because I don't drink. Then our tea and biscuit session went ahead for long four hours. He discussed a lot and he even discussed some illegal work and for that, he has no regrets. It is clear that everyone wants to sell his book more so they also add some masalas in the book, like what Rishi Kapoor did for Dawood Ibrahim. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List Box office collection Superhit Movies List Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies 100 Crore Club