If Ranbir will come to IIFA, then I will not come : Salman Khan

IIFA event was ended two weeks ago. News related to IIFA is still coming. Ranbir Kapoor did not go, so it was a topic of issue, but nobody knows the reason why he did not came. According to source, Salman was the reason behind it. Salman Khan kept a condition that if Ranbir Kapoor comes in IIFA, then he will not come to the Function. Everybody knows that from the time Salman's ex gf name was linked with Ranbir Kapoor, since then Ranbir is banned in Salman Khan's list. After Break up with Ranbir, Katrina is trying to make her relations good with Salman. Salman is also helping Kat. Still Salman did not changed for Ranbir Kapoor. If to believe the source, then Salman Khan said all this at IIFA because Katrina asked her to say that. If Ranbir did not apologized, then soon his condition will be like Vivek Oberoi, because IIFA awards are important for every star.