Ram Gopal Varma on Sunny Leone and Narendra Modi

Bollywood most controversial director Ram Gopal Varma is once again in news. This time Ram Gopal Varma is not in news for any film, but he is in news for his post on twitter. Actually Ram Gopal Varma compared Narendra Modi and Bollywood actress Sunny Leone in such a style that it got surrounded in news. Ram Gopal Varma tweets and wrote Sunny Leone will make India Advance more than Narendra Modi. Let me tell you, Ram Gopal Varma Varma has posted a series of tweets regarding Sunny and has also posted a caption for her. In one of the tweet he wrote, 'Don't go on right or wrong, but see the dignity of Sunny Leone, even Aamir Khan is endorsing Sunny Leone. I truly think she will advance India more than NM.' He also wrote, 'I think Sunny Leone has an integrated Honesty which people connect to for the same reason why American people are connected to Donald Trump.' He also asked many questions via tweet, in which he asked, 'Tell me Who's more honest ? MLA's watching porn in Karnataka assembly or Sunny Leone?' Not only this he asked, 'Just be honest and tell who has given more happiness to the people in India between the Government and Sunny Leone?' He also asked, 'On a very Private intellectual conversation who will prefer to have it between Sunny Leone and Deepika Padukone?' Next he asked, 'To Advance Indians to be truly honest and lose Hypocritical dishonesty don't think NM should debate with Sunny Leone. Further he asked, 'Should NM have a very serious discussion with Sunny leone about the changing landscape of Indian emotions? These tweets have shaken Bollywood and well and Indian Politics.