Now Raj Thackeray slammed Salman Khan over his comment on banning Pakistani actors

To supporting Pakistani artists is being a problem for Salman Khan now and till now Shivsena's spokesperson Manish Kayande was saying to teach a lesson to Salman Khan but now MNS party's chief Raj Thackeray has targeted Salman Khan. Now Raj Thackeray has targeted Salman Khan and said the soldiers are standing on LOC to save our country, what will happen when they will surrender. That time who will take responsibility of saving the country? Salman Khan? With this, he also said these artists have to think that the country comes first and if they are having so many problems so we can put a ban on their movies. This is to notice when Salman Khan was asked about his views on banning Pakistani actors. On this, Salman Khan supported Pakistani artists and said that they are artists, not terrorists. It is our government who gives them visas and permits to work in India. Let me tell you that after the Uri attack one by one every political to the entertainment industry. Earlier director-producer Karan Johar also faced problems when he said something. Now after commenting on this big issue Salman Khan has created problems for himself. Now it would be good if no Bollywood artist does not give any reaction towards this sensitive issue. Even many stars have started to remove Pakistani content from their movies, recently Ajay Devgn and Sonakshi Sinha have declined to connect with Pakistani artists in their movie. You may also like :- Know what Fawad Khan said about Bollywood Know what Salman Khan said about Pakistani actors