Rahman released the trailer of 'Pele : Birth Of A Legend'

Oscar Winner A.R Rahman has released the trailer of American Film 'Pele : Birth Of A Legend', which is based on life of Brazilian Football Player Pele. Rahman was asked to share his success mantra, he said, 'I can see lot of similarities in Pele because when my father was about to make it independently (as a composer) then he died.So, by seeing the film, you will get to know that Pele's father also wanted to a football player, but he never reached till that level.' [embed]https://youtu.be/XBrfxHOXsDE[/embed] Rahman said, 'I would say seed of aspiration which he sowed, and with his blessings, Pele became a huge superstar. So, it’s a story very similar to mine.' Rahman said, ' So for every aspiring father, it's a lesson, who could not made it, the kids will make it. Be firm and believe in almighty. Encourage your kids and give them all your blessings.' Music of the film is given by Rahman and it is directed and written by Jeff Zimbalist and Michael Zimbalist.