Priyanka's magic seen on the streets of America, posters from Walk Of Street to lanes

After spending some days in  America one of my friend asked me one of the most memorable things I had seen there that makes me proud of my country? After thinking a lot I could not find the answer. May be I have not seen any such thing. But the next day when I walked along the streets of Hollywood then a thought came into my mind. May be the try was to see any such x-factor only. I saw many places and things but nothing strike my mind as to what makes me proud. Then I saw a poster in which there was a face that I resemble. It was the poster of "Quantico". It was a really great experience to see a known face in an unknown country and that too standing at the Hollywood walk of fame. It made feel a bit proud. Moving ahead there was again a big poster in the Los Angeles Down Town and only Priyanka was there in the poster that was even in the bus stop. There was many such posters. Seeing one such poster an American friend of mine asked me who is this? I answered him with a glittering face that she is Priyanka Chopra, Bollywood actress. He answered instantly that he likes the pouty lips of Priyanka. It was really great to see an Indian actress overseas in such a way. Although whatever may be the talk about her English but her role is really appreciated by all. She has played the  strongest role in Quantico. She is a superstar and former Miss World. Quantico is starting in America from 27 September and it will be telecasted in India from 3rd October. It is for the first time that any Indian celebrity has done such type of magic.
For some people it may be a normal thing, but to see a known face in an unknown country at different places is a proud moment for any Indian.