Preity Zinta cousin Nitin Chauhan commits suicide

Bollywood actress Preity Zinta's cousin brother Nitin shot himself and committed suicide. Nitin who was a nephew of Vice President of Preity Himuda Yashwant killed himself in New Shimla. He has also written a suicide note. In this Suicide note, he accused his wife's family of torturing him. Nitin's father Jogendra Singh is a retired Assitant Director of Animal Husbandry Department. Police got his dead body inside a car in the parking of beside his house. He was sitting on the backside of the car and shot himself near his parking. Nitin has accused his wife and her family in his suicide note. Nitin wrote that his wife and her family used to torture him. The fake case was also registered by them against me. They don't even allow him to meet his 5 years son. He loves his son a lot but her wife lives in her mother house with his son. See photos of Preity Zinta's wedding Nitin's mother told that after eating the dinner in the night, he went to his room to sleep. When she went to see him, then he was not there. Then I thought, he must have gone outside. Next morning, when the mother went with a tea to his room, then also he was not there. The car was also not in the parking. Then a neighbour saw a car, then we saw in the car, then there was blood all around and he was fallen on his face. Then Police came and took him out of the car. Police took the gun in their custody and send it to Forensics. Preity Zinta's look from Bhaiyyaji Superhit If to believe the news then she got married on 2010, but problems were going on between Nitin and his wife from last 3 years. So because of this only she used to stay at her mother's place. You may also like :- Box office collection Superhit Movies List