Prakash Jha used scissors on Jai Gangajal in fear of Censor Board

After seeing the behaviour of censor board, FIlmmaker themselves after the shooting remove those scene which will be discarded by Censor Board. Recenlty, in film Wazir, Director himself removed all the scenes, because the film don't revolve around censor board. Now same something is going to happen with Priyanka Chopra's film 'Jai Gangajal'. Film director Prakash Jha has removed some scenes and have also changed the dialogue as Censor Board could give it a U/A Certificate. This is been said that, before when the film went to Censor Board, then the Board had opposed some scenes, the film is based on crime, so It is understood that the Dialogue will be according to it, on language also Censor Board had some problem. So, the Board said that it will give this film 'A' Certificate, but Prakash Jha was not ready for this. He believes that if the film got the 'A' Certificate then the film will not able to reach all sort of audience and by this the producers will face a huge loss. Board has asked Jha to remove the Verbal and Visual violence which is of no use, before Jha was not ready for this, but afterwards he agreed to remove the useless scene, by film film may get U/A Certificate. This is been told that Censor Board has given this film U/A Certificate, but this is been told that Jha will appeal to Censor Board Tribunal against board decision.