Porsche says Paul Walker was responsible for his own death

After the death of Paul Walker in a road accident, his daughter Meadow Walker had filed a complained against the company Porsche. Meadow blamed the company for his father death. Meadow claimed that the car in which Paul walker was sitting, did not had all the safety features because of which Paul was dead. Now the company has answered to the actor's daughter that Paul Walker was responsible for his death. On 30th November 2013, 40 years old Paul walker was dead in a car crash. Car company asked to trail and said, "Porsche Cars North America said Paul Walker knowingly took the risk to use 2005 Carrera GT. He very well knew all the risk related to it. Actor's Daughter claimed that the seat belt of the car was design in such a way that is was not up to mark in case of safety. During accident seat was at his place but belt could not safe Paul's life. Meadow said if all the things in the car would have been perfect then her dad would not die.