Poonam Pandey again strips but this time for a good cause

Poonam Pandey is known for her bold and Sexy Image. Be it be film or Indian Cricket team victory, every time she is seen doing the strip. Poonam once again has done that work, but this time to give a new message. Poonam Pandey has shared her video on Social media, which is part of 'Detect To Defeat' campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness. In this Video, Poonam is seen in very sexy expression but with a message she has created Breast Cancer Awareness. Poonam in this video told that in the first check of Breast Cancer, it takes 2 minutes and no women need to be ashamed of it, because it's their part, so they should take care of it. Many celebs like Kritika Kamira, Sargun Mehta, and Sunidhi Chauhan has also given a message for this campaign. Poonam before has also taken part in Social Awareness Programs. Last time she was in news for her Mobile Adult film 'Weekend'. She claims that this film can be seen in just 20 Rs on the mobile. During World Cup 2011, Poonam Pandey claimed that she will strip on the ground if India wins the Final against Sri Lanka, after that, too many controversies were created and finally she did not fulfil her promise. You may also know : Poonam shares her experience of Watching Porn Bollywood Movies 2017