Poonam Pandey accepts that she did controversy for the films

Bollywood controversial model Poonam Pandey is promoting her short film ‘The Weekend’. Duing media interaction, Poonam accepts that she is not from Kapoor’s or Khan’s family, So she opted short way of to in controversy. If to believe the Poonam then people tease her for wearing short cloths and for controversial statements. But she feels right when she do this. Poonam also accepted that she leaked some bold scenes from the movie. Poonam said, ‘I come from low background, nor I’m from kapoor’s or Khan’s family. I have reached her with my hard work. Earlier I used to do controversial thing to remain in Limelight. Now I want to do controversies inside the film not outside. All the controversies that I did from World Cup to other controversies, to get films. People say to me that why I do this, Why I take shortcut. I says, ‘It’smy wish’. Poonam about her new film said, ‘I did something in life, whatever I have, I’m happy with that. I worked in a film, with which makers are happy. This is not a porn film. It is a horror film, but when I’m in the film, then my spice will also be seen.’ According to Poonam, A list actors leak their film to come in limelight. Actually, few days back some scenes were leaked from her short film. When reportor asked about it, then she said, ‘ I don’t lie, I leaked it. It is a strategy. A list actors also do this, so I also did.' You may also know : Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List