Police officer filed a case against Kapil Sharma for destroying the trees

Police Officer of Andheri has filed a FIR against Comedian Kapil Sharma. This is the second FIR in one week against him. This time, he alleges for cutting the trees near his house and destroying the atmosphere. Before this FIR was Lodged against Kapil and Irrfan Khan for doing Illegal construction. On 10th February, an activist lodged a FIR against Kapil and his neighbour for not obeying the environmental law. The allegation is he has destroyed the trees. According to Media report, 'Recently, Mangroves sale confirmed for violating the rule by 50-60 single stories bungalow owner. Allegation was that these people have destroyed the trees of Mangroves under 400 Metre in 3 years. In the year 2005, Bombay High court told it as rules violation. According to Officer Shivaji Chore, 'In the complaint, Mangroves sales has told about violation about flat. FRI got registered in this case. In 2005, NGO named as Bombay Environment Association filed a petition in High Court. SO on this High Court ordered not to cut any mangroves in the state. Even construction was stopped near 50 meters of the trees. In the petition of Vanasthali in 2014, Bombay High even ordered to stop construction on Wetlands. On 13 September, MBC alleged Comedian Kapil Sharma, Irrfan Khan and one builder and any more. IT was said that according to MRTP, they have violated the section 53 (7) of 1996. If BMC case gets proved then these all will have 3 years of jail. have to also give a fine of 2000-5000. You may also know : Yuvraj Singh got married to Shumona in The Kapil Sharma Show Upcoming movies List