Phantom Box Office Collection Till Today – Day by Day – Saif Ali Khan & Katrina Kaif

Kabir Khan's directorial movie 'Phantom' is doing well in terms of earnings at box office till today (date). the film opening has earned 33.18 crore in its weekend. The film stars Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif in the lead role. Worldwide, the film has been released on screens in 2600. The film trade analyst Taran Adarsh ​​told tweet that 'Phantom' in the three-day opening and weekend has earned a 33.18 million, now total Phantom Box Office Collection are 48.33 crore rupee. The first day of the film's earnings were sluggish but the second and third days the film had great earnings. Within the first day of the 'phantom' 8.45 crore, the second day and the third day on Sunday, 11.94 crore, 12.75 million, 4.40 crore on Monday the 4th (fourth) day, 5th (fifth) day, 3.63 million, 3.31 million, the 6th(sixth) day, the 7th (seventh) day on Friday, ie 2.88 crore earnings. Total Phantom box office collection are 48.33 crore rupee

1st ( First ) Week Box Office Collection

Day Earning (In Crore rupee)
28/07/2015 - Friday ( 1st Day Box Office Collection ) 8.46 Crore
29/08/2015 - Saturday ( 2nd Day Box Office Collection ) 12.78 Crore
30/08/2015 - Sunday ( 3rd Day Box Office Collection ) 11.94 Crore
31/08/2015 - Monday ( 4th Day Box Office Collection ) 4.40 Crore
01/09/2015 - Tuesday ( 5th Day Box Office Collection ) 3.63 Crore
02/09/2015 - Wednesday ( 6th Day Box Office Collection ) 3.31 Crore
03/09/2015 - Thursday ( 7th Day Box Office Collection ) 2.88 Crore
Total 47.40 Crore*

2nd ( Second ) Week Box Office Collection

Day Earning (In Crore rupee)
04/09/2015 - Friday ( 8th Day Box Office Collection ) 0.93 Crore
05/09/2015 - Saturday ( 9th Day Box Office Collection ) awaiting results Crore
06/09/2015 - Sunday ( 10th Day Box Office Collection ) awaiting results Crore
07/09/2015 - Monday ( 11th Day Box Office Collection )  awaiting results Crore
08/09/2015 - Tuesdays ( 12th Day Box Office Collection )  awaiting results Crore
09/09/2015 - Wednesday ( 13th Day Box Office Collection )  awaiting results Crore
10/08/2015 - Thursday ( 14th Day Box Office Collection )  awaiting results Crore
Second Week Total Collection 00.93 Crore*
Total 48.33 Crore*
Action thriller revolves around global terrorism. The film is based on novel 'Mumbai Avengers'. the film is based on November 26, 2008 terror attacks in Mumbai. Director Kabir Khan's film Phantom of the essence is that if some people broke into our country can wreak terror soldier of our country, why not bring justice in their country may enter? Osama bin Laden in Pakistan entered the US may drain, then why can not India, Pakistan, and such action? The film has been banned in Pakistan.