Parineeti Chopra paid 11 lakh for 2 shirts

Parineeti Chopra in order to reduce her weight to 10 kgs spend 10 lakh rupees. She is in news for spending 1 million on buying just 2 shirts. She was present in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta for a stage show, where she enjoyed shopping. She must have an idea the people will not trust her. So she shared a photo of her where she was standing at the billing counter.  She captioned the image that she bought 2 shirts for 1 million. She added crazy currency. She added that here everyone comes and takes out their calculator, it is interesting. I million of 2 shirts and 4 million of lunch it is crazy. The value of Indonesian currency is quite high in compared to Indian rupees. One Indian rupees is equal to 314 Indonesian rupees. So if she paid 1 million for 2 shirt then in terms of Indian rupees it is just 5061 rupees.