‘Paatal Lok’: Anushka Faces Rasuka For Morphing Image & Defaming Gurjars

Anushka Sharma's Amazon Prime web series ‘Paatal Lok’ has emerged as a hit among people, gaining widespread viewership and popularity. However, Anushka has been in the headlines not only for the splendid show but also because of legal troubles. Recently, Loni's BJP MLA, Nandkishor Gurjar has reported a complaint against Anushka Sharma for fuelling communal violence through her show Paatal Lok. The MLA filed a complaint because one of his pictures had been morphed and used in the web series without his permission. Besides this reason, the BJP MLA also accused Anushka Sharma under the National Security Act or Rasuka, of spreading around communal violence by bringing shame, disrepute and tarnishing the name of the Gurjar community, asking for a ban on the web series.

Nandkishor Gurjar's picture was taken from another picture wherein he was standing behind Uttar Pradesh's Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath who was inaugurating a highway project back in 2018. The Chief Minister had himself tweeted the images on his official Twitter handle wherein the MLA Nandkishor Gurjar is easily visible. One of those images was morphed and illegally taken for an image in Paatal Lok. Interestingly, in the image, Yogi Adityanath's image had been replaced by the character, Balkrishna Bajpayee, a wicked politician in the show. Anushka Sharma and her show were also accused of defaming and disrespecting the Gurjars by spreading bad things regarding them through the show. On the other hand, the other people in the image happen to remain the same and unedited. Earlier, Anushka faced a brawl from the Gorkha community for hurting the sentiments of the Nepalese through her show.

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