Now Krushna cannot compete with Kapil Sharma

There is a good news for Kapil Sharma and his team. Competition between Kapil and Krushna can get over in coming days. Colors can shut atleast one show of Krushna from (Comedy Night Live and Comedy Night Bachao, So there will be only one show of Krushna in a week. Colors will soon take decision. Source says that, it's Comedy Night Bachao has a great change to get removed. It's place will be take by Jhalak Dikhaja at sharp 10. Whereas Krushna's show 'Live' can be saved. Channel has not done any announcement. According to informers, most of the celebs don't come to Comedy Night Bachao, because they have fear of getting insulted. Live has great change to survive. Sources says that colors can get comedy Night Bachao on any date of a week. Anil Kapoor's show is also about to come on Colors. This show will be air on Saturday-Sunday. Jhalak cannot be given it's place, so pnly slot of 10 id left on Saturday and Sunday.