Not Bajirao Mastani, but the protect effected the collection of Dilwale

Director Rohit Shetty whose movie starring kajol and Shahrukh khan 'Diwale' collection on it's first day was effected by the protest. According to Rohit, He was ready before only to face the Sanjay Leela Bansali's film 'Bajirao Mastani'. Rohit said, 'Everybody knew that Bajirao Mastai and Dilwale will release on the same date, so I was ready to face the loss of each other. But I believe that the first day collection of the movie was effected because movie was banned in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh on Friday and Saturday. According to Rohit, 40% theatres were not showing the film. In how many theatres the film is running, by that only the collection will be made. Rohit think, because of misunderstanding, the result was nothing but banned and if we dead it will patience than things can be sorted out.' According to him, 'Ban results in lose, but when we go the people who were protesting against the film, then the things get automatically sorted out. And by this if have to the conclusion that this happened because of misunderstanding. Varun Dhawan, kariti Sanon, Johnny Lever and Varun Sharma and many more are in the film 'Dilwale'. It got great response from the abroad and seeing this Rohit was shocked.' He said, 'Released along with Starwars in foreign still it got great response from the audience, this is a big thing. I never thought of getting such response from the international circuit, because I knew that Starwars was also releasing. I think Shahrukh Khan is very popular in overseas or the chemistry between Shahrukh and Kajol has done this work. It was not a difficult problem for Rohit Shetty to get both of them together after 5 years, Rohit said that It was very easy, because kajol said yes to the film in a one go.' He said, 'There was no plan to take Shahrukh and Kajol together, I read the whole script to the Shahrukh and he suggested Kajol as his co-star in the film because this is an important character and when we read the script to the kajol, she firmly said yes. Rohit was busy in post production before it release. He said, I was busy doing the finishing of the film. We completed the whole film in 5 months.'