Directed forcefully ripped all the cloths of actress while shooting a film

You much have heard many case of casting couch in Film Industry. But you much have not heard that any director have ripped actress cloths during the shooting, that too forcefully. Recently, this happened with an actress, about which she had complain in a police station. According to report, 'Case has come infront that cloths of an actress were forcefully ripped during shooting a film and Heroine has registered a complain against the director. This Heroine stays in Kerela. This incident happened during shooting of film Daivam Sakshi. Actress told that her all cloths were ripped from her body during the shooting. She was shocked with this. She directed went to police station and registered a complain against the director. The heroine filed a police complaint against director Snehajith alleging that her clothes were ripped off in front of everyone. She told that when I read the script, then there were such such scenes.' Actress has filed a complain against the director in Thoduphuzha police station. Police has started the investigation, still not statement has come from the director.