Never tired on the question of Katappa : S.S Rajamouli

Director Rajamouli is happy that why Katappa Killed Bahubali ? This question is on everybodies mind. He believes that Bahubali has broken the borders of languages. Rajamouli said that he and the producers are asked this question many times a day and they don't get worried, because this is only interesting in the film. Director said, 'Whenever, somebody ask this question to me, I feel happy. I don't know how many time people have asked me. We are proud that we have broken area and language border'. Babhubali is the film, which is loved not only in India, but also outside. Rajamouli who directed films like Vikramarkudu, Magadheera and Eega said that he always believed that it was possible to move beyond region and the movie proved him right. He said, 'We believed we could transcend this barrier if we based our stories on basic human emotions without it being pulled down by regionalities. I always believed that if you have a story like that, it will reach beyond. But that was a theory, no one had done it before. So, I can’t explain how confident it makes me feel as a filmmaker.'