My family was hurt when people criticizing me on intolerance comment : Aamir Khan

According to Aamir Khan after his intolerance comment people gave many reactions on it and his family members were feeling trouble that time. People criticized him after his remarks on intolerance. When ask to Aamir that his comment shown to public in a different way in that Aamir Khan replied, definitely what I said media showed the comment in wrong way and the result become that people became angry with me. Whereas what people think I have not said that. I understand this is, in public life you have to face these problems. He said that his family hurts when they became target after his comment. During in an award function he said, my family, wife, children, mother and brother felt very hurtful but there are many people who came in support of mine. He has not done any politics film so in the reply of this he said, there is not a special reason behind this whenever I get the opportunity I will do it.  In this Maharashtra CM Fadnavis make fun and enter in the conversation said, he has not done any politics role because he plays hero roles and in films politicians are always corrupt and villain. In this Aamir said, so now there is time to change this perception.