My elimination was done forcefully : Kishwar Merchant

Kihwar Merchant who was out from the Big Boss 9 house says that, elimination was done forcefully and this is not right. Kishwar came out taking 15 lakhs from Bigg Boss house. Kishwar had a competition with Prince Narula, in which Price won the challenge and Kishwar was out of the house taking 15 lakhs and left the challenge. Kishwar said, 'this was not a right task. Having so many contestant there, I have to leave. Obviously, I got the money, but if I would have been out with a fair change then I would not felt so bad.' Kishwar said, 'This is purposely done. It was very difficult for me to take the decision. She said, 'We both were great contestant, but I know the followers of Prince, if I would have reached final, then also he would have been 5 % more than me.'