Mumbai's restaurant 'Bhaijaanz' gave 99% discount to his customers as Salman Khan was freed by Court

Wave of happiness was seen by Salman Khan's fan when Bombay High Court freed him from the charge of hit and run case. One restaurant in Bandra named as Bhaijaanz have 99% discount to their customers. Yes, restaurant owner decided to give discounts on bill to customers according to their wish. That means its customer wish how much discount he wants, even 99% also. Owner Rahul Narayan says that, it's only 0.1% which were are celebrating. As much discount customer wants we are giving him. When asked on loss in business, he said, this restaurant is dedicated to Salman Khan. i am not woried about it's loss. Many posters of Salman Khan are glued in this restaurant and Salman's many popular dialogues.