Movie Review : Typical Indian family drama is Unindian

Name of the Film Unindian
Critics Rating 3 star
Director Anupam Sharma
Star cast Brett Lee, Tanishtha Chatterjee, Pallavi Sharda, Supriya Pathak, Akash Khurrana, Gulshan Grover
Genre Rom-Com
Duration 2 Hours 50 Minutes
Date Released 19th August 2016
Australian cricketer Brett Lee has made debut in films after been seen in music videos. Now he has become part of first Indian film Unindian. Let's see the review of the film. Story Film's story is of single mother Meera (Tanishtha Chatterjee) who lives in Australia and her mother (Supriya Pathak) always taunts her to get married one again. On the other hand English learner Will (Brett Lee) is very tensed of being single. When in Holi party Will meets Meera he fall in love with her and he always tried to come closure to her. But on the second front Meera's mother has found a cardiologist boy for her. Now Will learns more thing to come closure Indian community through his friend TK (Arko Gosh). Now due to tradition gap Do Will get his love you will get to know in the theaters. Script  Film's story is very simple and its casting makes it more interesting. Australia's locations and its screenplay makes to more interesting. Sometime dialogues makes you laugh and sometime makes you emotional. Performances Brett Lee has surprised everyone through his second talent and it shows on silver screen. On the other hand Tanishtha Chatterjee has done good acting in the film. Other actors including Supriya Pathak are also good. Weakness Film's weakness is its typical Bollywood drama which specially seen in second half. When the favorite Bollywood sequence of Airport comes then you thinks you know the script. Now we need to make changes in it so it can become more perfect. Music  Film's music is also good and background music also go with the flow. Verdict If you like Brett Lee and Tanishtha Chatterjee then you can watch it once.