Movie Review: The Black Prince - Jason Flemyng, Amanda Root

Name of Movie The Black Prince
Critics Rating ★ ★ ★
Director Kavi Raz
Star cast Jason Flemyng, Amanda Root, Shabana Azmi
Genre Drama/History  Film
Duration 1 hours 58 Minutes
Date Released 21 July 2017

Plot: The story of the movie is set in India’s pre-independence years, around the 19th century. The movie is based on true events of that era and is about Duleep Singh, the role played by Satinder Sartaaj who was the last Sikh king of Punjab. The prince was sent to England at a very young age and was separated from his mother. He was raised there as a Christian 'prince' Queen Victoria role played by Amanda Root.

After years when he returns to his soil Duleep wishes to embrace his faith, regain his identity and that is what the story of the movie is all about. In doing so his mother, Rani Jindan role played by Shabana Azmi, helps him and reignites the fire within him and tells him that he needs to fight for his freedom that was taken a long time back.

REVIEW: The movie is about a fight within where an individual lives with the constant anxiety of not knowing his past or where you belong.The movie talks about a once such battle that Prince Duleep Singh went through. At a very young age, the prince was stolen from his and was sent far away from his motherland. He was taken to England and was raised as a British, but as he grew up he realised that he is actually a prisoner, trapped in an enemy territory.

Kavi Raz’s movie is a tragic story that’s heartbreaking and has a snail-paced execution and majorly suffers for its poor writing. Probably the thing movie lacked was good actors. Apart from Shabana Azmi, the movie was backed by some mediocre acting. The story is a definitely worth telling and had massive potential but making a film out of it was probably not a wise decision. A television-series or web series on it would have been much better and gripping. As a movie, the story becomes too dragged and slow.

Why To Watch – The movie holds an important story that should be known to all, the movie is a must watch to get that insight and of course for Shabana Azmi and her outstanding performance.

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