Movie Review : 'Ranbanka' is a one time watch

There was a Domineer name Raghav whose once saw the engineer wife and then somehow he wanted to achieve her. Manish Paul has played the role of Rahul. His wife role is played by Pooja and Raghav is Ravi Kishan. 'Ranbanka' is a Psycho thriller film which tell how the family gets destroyed because of Raghav. Aryaman Ramsay has directed and he has given the proper taste of Matura in the film like language, accent etc. A Psycho dominant role played by Ravi Kishan is good. The famous TV host often laugh Manish Paul's character is very serious and he was not at all looking bad.. The unrequited love of a family in a crazy finish, and revenge is taken in the climax, the theme of the films is very old but the film is changed. Aryaman tried to keep it fast in order to avoid boredom. Some scenes of the film were unnecessarily long. 'Ranbanka' is a small budget film, but the smaller budget film worth a visit can be made. You can watch the film once. From my side, "Ranbanka" 2.5 stars.