Movie Review: Qaidi Band - Aadar Jain, Anya Singh

Name of Movie Qaidi Band
Critics Rating ★ ★ ★ ★
Director Habib Faisal
Star cast Aadar Jain, Anya Singh
Genre Drama Film
Duration 1 hours 59 Minutes
Date Release 25 Aug 2017

Plot: The movie ‘Qaidi Band’ is about under trials, Sanju (Aadar Jain), Bindu (Anya Singh) and 5 others who are in the jail for their respective circumstances. In the beginning of the movie, we are told that the movie is based on a real event and is inspired by an under trial named ‘Machung Lalung’ who got justice after a long delay. All these under trails are unable to get out for their financial condition is not such that they can get their case fought by a rich lawyer. One day, on the account of the jail’s anniversary, the superintendent (Sachin Pilgaonkar) announces that they are planning to form a unisex musical band, who can present a song on the occasion. With a hope that being a part of the band might expedite their hearing in court these inmates get ready to form ‘Senaani Band’.  When the band performs in front of a minister and the media, they win everyone hearts and attention and become an instant internet sensation. But all their efforts go in vein when their popularity becomes the reason behind their hearing getting delayed, and they are asked by the authorities to be held in jail for long. Meanwhile, they get a chance to perform with a leading rock band, who, in turn, tells them about a musical competition with prize money of a whopping Rs. 50 lakhs. Then all the band members together plan to escape the Jail and participate in a competition that will fetch them good money with which they can pay the lawyers to get justice and freedom.

Review: It would be wrong to say that it is a unique story and is just in tandem with today’s time. The director’s vision gives more power to the script which in turn makes the film a full entertaining one. The first half of the movie is captivating and the second half too, keep you intact to your seats and manages to pull it off well with the exceptionally good screenplay.

Both the lead stars prove that why they have been picked up by YRF for their dream debut. Aadar Jain and Anya Singh both have done extremely well in their debut movie ‘Qaidi Band’. The confidence, conviction and ease with which they have played their respective roles are remarkable. Out of the two Anya, of course, has an upper hand, as she is just flawless even in the emotional scenes and her screen presence is endearing. The other band members and the supporting cast including Sachin Pilgaonkar are also good in the movie

Why To Watch: If you wish to get entertained and appreciate genuine raw talent, it is a must watch for you. The movie has good potential and word of mouth is going to make it a success for sure.

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