Movie Review: The Final Exit – Kunaal Roy Kapoor

Name of Movie The Final Exit
Critics Rating ★ ★ ★★ ★
Director Dhwanil Mehta
Star cast Kunnal Roy Kapur, Scarlett Wilson, Elena Kazan
Genre Horror/Thriller Film
Duration 2 hours 00 Minutes
Date Release 22 Sept 2017

PLOT:- A fashion photographer Vidyut Sehgal, played by Kunaal Roy Kapoor is having a lot of distraction in his life, he is a drug addict, who is lost in his dreams in which he sees a mysterious woman posing around a strange shrine, he starts going insane when a  woman enters his bedroom and an entity seems to be sending him videos and call him to the place he dreams of, his friend suggest him to see a doctor but when nothing goes right he decides to go to the mysterious place he dreams about.

REVIEW:- Before we start to review, we want to mention that this movie is not for everyone and there are very uncomfortable scenes in the movie. ‘The Final Exit’ is based on the 1991 book ‘Final Exit’ by Derek Humphry and to be honest, with a shock, this is a very good adaptation. Now, this movie had no hype, no promotions, no songs, nothing but quite frankly, this is one of the best movies to watch right now. This is for a certain audience who love these kinds of movies and they are going to love this. The movie might remind you of Anurag Kashyap’s 2007 psychological thriller ‘No Smoking’, however, this is a bit different, it is not that crazy but still, it will make you scratch your head. The good thing about this one is that here you get a concrete ending.

Vidyut, which is played by Kunaal Roy Kapoor is a very complex character, of course, he will not connect to everyone but his journey is incredible. The guy is always high, he is always tripping, he gets a weird dream where he sees a mysterious place. Now, the movie is scary and you will get behind Vidyut. To be honest, the first half of the movie is a bit boring, it only shows Vidyut’s  weird trip and everyone is like what the hell is happening. But the second half makes it interesting, the main plot unfolds in the second half and you instantly connect with it.

The performances are not bad, it’s decent, but the movie could have been better if the performance would be good, Kunaal Roy Kapoor tries to act in this film and he has done a fine job, he has done nothing like this before in his career and it’s a good experience for him. He could have done but the problem here is that he has done nothing like this, it feels that he is still in that old zone of ‘Delhi Belli’ and ‘Ye Jawani Hai Deewani’, but still, it’s a good attempt. Elena Kazan looks beautiful in this film, and she has also done a fine job again a better actor would have worked better.

But the praises go to the director Dhwanil Mehta, who managed to pull this off, it’s a very brave thing to even attempt a thing like this in India where masses don’t like these types of movies but he has done a good job, he has managed to make the audience care for his film, which is a good thing. The only drawback which we can find in this film is the bad dialogues, now it’s not terrible but sometimes it doesn’t add anything in the movie, in fact, it hurts the intense scenes.

WHY TO WATCH:- We would like to recommend it to psychological thriller lovers, it’s really worth your time. Some scenes in the movie are really horrifying and uncomfortable, in a good way. This is not for everyone, especially for children, it has a special audience and they will love it.

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