The Dialogue Promos From 'Chef' Are Interesting

Actor Saif Ali Khan will soon be seen in a chef's hat for his upcoming movie titled ‘Chef’. The movie deals with the relationship between a father and his son and how love for food gets them close. In the trailer that released a few days back, Saif looked extremely endearing and the fans are eagerly waiting for the movie’s release. The songs of the movie are also quite impressive and now the new dialogue promos that the makers have released are also impressive. In the promos, we get to hear Saif voicing the distinctions of the old school romance. While his friend, in the promo, is rooting for a new age of Tinder Romance. Still, Saif Ali Khan says that he feels the old school style of proposing, waiting had its own charm. We see him talking about food and his preferences, him calling himself adorable and asking for help with customers. The dialogue promo shows many interesting moments from the movie where we see Saif cooking for his pregnant wife, or dancing with her. The movie has some spark to it and it feels very real. Actress Padam Priya will be seen playing the female lead in the movie and Svar Kamble will be seen as their son. The movie will be around a chef who has a successful career back in the United States, but he decides to stay back in his own country to be with his son while doing and enjoying what he loves to do the most, being a chef and goes on to start a food truck. The movie'Chef' will be directed by Raja Krishna Menon and is set to release on 6th of October.
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