Movie Review : Film 'Main Aur Charles' is confusive

Richa Chadha and Randeep Hooda upcoming film Main and Charles' has hit theatres. Directed by Praval Raman on the biopic on famous Bikini Killer Charles Sobhraj. Befoe this Praval Raman has directed film like 'Darna Mana Hai' and 'Darna Jaruri hai'. What is the story The film story revolves around Charles Sobhraj (Randeep Hooda) and police officer Amod Kanth (Adil Hussain).Movie shows that how Charles breaks the prison and then ran away and then how he killed people especially women and succeeds in swindle. Later in the Story Mira (Richa Chadha) and other characters are also enters. Direction Its a mixture of Fiction and non-fiction film of Praval Raman. The movie confuses in many places. However, in the second half secret open. Praval should have worked more hard on screenplay and dialogues of the film. Acting Randeep Hooda fit perfectly in the role of Charles. His stylish  to show real Charles. Love Liar student Richa Chadha fix perfectly in the role of Mira. Adil Hussain plays the role of police officer and its tremendous. Should see or not According to the Indian audience it is quite dull film. Now you have to decide that you should see the film or not.