Mother Day Special : Mothers who made their daughter a Star

Everybody knows about the bollywood stars, but on the occasion of Mother Day, let know their mom contribution in their life. 2 Deepika-Ujjwala Because of her mother Ujjwala, Deepika Padukone is a star today, because she was one who told Deepika to leave badminton and become an actress. Deepika told this in an interview. First Ujjwala did not understand, but when Deepika explained her about her heart, then she said to Deepika that do what you want do. She is with you on every step. When Deepika was going through depression, then her mother left all her work and was with Deepika as her friend. 3 Priyanka-Madhu Priyanka is also because of her mother. Actually, it was her mother only who showed Priynka dream to be an actress. Her mother made PC collection with Bollywood. Her mother without asking Priyanka, send her some photos to Miss India Competition, then the team called Priyanka, after that she won the title of Miss India and from there only her Bollywood career was start. 4 Kajol-Tanuja Although kajol childhood was less with her mother, but her mother always supports her with on her decision. Tanuja believes that Kajol has been doing those thing only, what she want to do. She took all her decision with understanding. So she never went against her decision. Kajol is very close to her mother, she always post her photo with her. 5 Sonakshi-Poonam Poonam not only played important role in Sonakshi career, but she has also played important role in her whole family and his husband career. For her children, she left her career. Sonakshi told that, when she was offered film Dabangg, then she was very fan, it was her mother only to motivate her to loose weight. 6 Kareena - Babita After getting separted from father, Kareena and Karisma stayed with their mother. SHe tell then she did lots of hard work to give her kids good upbringing. She never made them miss their father. Once Kareena told that my mother knew that I am not into studies, but when she asked her mother to go to Hawai Univrsity for summer cource, then she agreed. Actually, kareena was shocked. When Kareena got the film film Refugee then her mother helped her alot in making her script learn.