Mohnish Bahl remembers his struggling days with Salman Khan

It will not be wrong to say that Salman Khan is a mega star in the Bollywood film industry in the current scenario. Whenever he comes to any place all the facilities and preparation for him goes on. But there was a time when Salman Khan even didn't get a chair to sit after the shot. That time Salman Khan was totally new and he would had not made his recognition in the film industry. That time Salman Khan shared his feeling to someone and told him that one day will come when chairs itself comes to him. It was a time of when Salman Khan and Mohnish Bahl were shooting of Maine Pyaar Kiya that time both were new actors and they didn't have that much respect in the industry. Mohnish who used to heard Mohaniya from Salman Khan said one day during the shooting Salman came to me and said in my ear that one day will arrive when chairs itself comes to us Mohaniya. Nawazuddin has no dates for Salman's film Mohnish told that they together went to the theater to watch Maine Pyaar Kiya but that time Yash Chopra's Chandani is running its silver jubilee. That time I felt that the film will not work much, where our film will stand opposite Chandani but when people started watching the film and throwing money on a silver screen that time I am assured that Salman Khan's stardom has been started. Know why Salman Khan is happy these days Mohnish and Salman Khan's friendship is still going on as it was that time. Mohnish says that whenever he will get any short role in Salman's movie he will do it immediately because Salman Khan has a big hand in his success. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List