For Mohenjo Daro Action scenes, 300 people were auditioned

Mohenjo Daro is ready for the release. Promo and the trailer is getting good response from the audience. Director Ashutosh Govariker has made something out of the league. Every scenes of the film is shoot infront on him only, specially action scenes. Action scenes of Mohenjo Daro is been appreciated a lot. During Designing, stunt director has kept this in mind that all the scenes should look natural and with whole detain. In one Action scene, Hrithik had to fight with two huge giant people. Filmmaker asked not to take support of any graphic. As Fighting scene can look like real and normal. Seeing casting of those giants are the proof that makers have focused originality. Ashutosh took 300 people audition for two giant people. Who has to fight against Hrithik Roshan. You can see in action promo that those two giants in fighting pit with Hrithik without any VFX. They actually look giant and dangerous. This scenes is unique. Recent poster of the film defines the story of fighting scenes. This pit fighting scenes is shoot in Bhuj. It is very difficult to shoot in such hot weather, but crews hardwork and Director vision helped us shoot the film. Releasing on 12 August, this film is directed by Ashutosh Govariker. Sunita Govariker and Sidharth Roy Kapoor are producing this film, Hrithik Roshan is in lead role in the film, Pooja Hedge is opposite Hrithik in the film. This is Pooja's first film. You May Also Like : Hrithik Roshan Upcoming Movies