Mayank Gandhi got injured during the shoot of Kaala Teeka

TV show Kaala Teeka is being liked in between the audience and Mayank Gandhi who plays an important role in the show has been injured during the shooting of the show. But besides being injured he denied to take rest and shot the whole scene. Mayank is playing a mentally disturbed person in the show and in one action scene shooting he injured his one finger. After the treatment, Mayank continued the shooting without taking any rest. Mayank said in some circumstances you have to give priorities to your work besides rest. The scene was important and the preparation to shoot it got happened earlier. It happens sometimes but we should not stop working because this is what we can do. Talking about the incident Mayank said he has to break the glass of car and he punched with his whole force and after that, he saw his was bleeding. After the first treatment, he completed the scene. This show is an effort to break all old traditions and to aware people. This is to notice earlier a few weeks ago Mayank has got married to television actress Hunar Hali. They both did a arrange marriage and they even didn't know each other before marriage. Mayank Gandhi earlier was also in the news for his role in Chakravartin Samrat Ashok. Actually, he was approached to play an important role in the show, he even shot some episodes for it but the makers felt that they can't go with his track furthermore as it becomes little bit confusing. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2016 Bollywood Movies 2017