Bollywood actors who did Inter-Religious Marriage

Farhan Akhtar was born on 9 January and has turned 42. Farhan Akhtar is such B-Town actor who did a inter-religious marriage. Farhan Akhtar being Muslim married a Sindhi girl Adhuna Bhawani in 2000. In an interview Farhan told that it was a love at first sight with Adhuna. When Farhan saw Adhuna in Club J 49 doing full kart wheel in public, at that time only he gave his heart to her. They both are together for 15 years. She has two daughter. Whereas, there are many Bollywood celebrities who have done marriage in different religion. Aamir Khan : Aamir Married two time and they both were was different religion. His First marriage was with Reena Dutta (Hindu). Both of them ran from their house and got married on 18 April, 1986. They were together for 16 years and then decided to get separate. In 2002, he gave divorced to Reena and in 2005 he got married to Kiran Rao (Hindu). Shahrukh Khan and Gauri is the most successful real life pair in Bollywood. Both of them got married on 25 October, 1991. Gauri is Hindu Punjabi girl, whereas Shahrukh Khan is a Pathan. At starting Gauri's family was totally against it, but seeing their love, family bend down. Both of them are together today. They have 3 children. 2 Saif Ali Khan got married to Amrita Singh, who was 12 years elder to him, there marriage last for 14 years and after that they got divorced. They have two children Sara and Abhraham. Second he got married to Kareena Kapoor who is a Hindu. 3 Riteish Dekhmush is a Marathi and he got married to actress Genelia D'Souza, who is a catholic. They got married on 3 February, 2012 and they have one son. 4 Irrfan khan got married to Hindu Girl. Irrfan and Sutapa love stared from NSD (National School Of Drama), when he was a student. Both of them got married on 23 February, 1995. Today also they love eachother a lot. They both have two children. 5 Arbaz Khan and Malika Arora are one of the successful couple of B-Town. Both of them were signed together for the ad of MR Coffee in 1993. However, the shoot was very bold and it have many controversies. After that they came close. After 5 years long dating they both get married in 1997. 6 Sohail Khan fell in love with one Punjabi Seema Sachdev. They both ran away from their house and got married. They both have 2 kids. 7 Sunil Shetty and Mana Shetty first met in a party. First they were friends and then fell in love. After dating for 9 years they got married in 1991. Sunil Shetty is a South Indian and Mana is from Muslim Family. 8 Sunil Dutt got married to a muslim girl Nargis. After 3-4 months there was news of their marriage. Actually, they both worked in Mother India. Sunil Dutt saved Nargis from the fire and then they both fell in love and decided to get married. 9