Malaika Arora Khan wants to keep away negativity for her

Malaika Arora Khan was in news in the year 2016 for taken divorce with her husband Arbaaz Khan. Well, it was a news that Malaika demanded 10 crores for leaving Arbaaz. However, both were seen enjoying the vacations in Goa on New Year Eve. But they both are not together. They both had very long distance between them. Malaika welcomed the New Year in Goa but what are her expectations with this new year, this is revealed on Social Media. Malaika has posted an amazing photo in which she is saying bye to 2016 and she is welcoming 2017. In this photo, the character of one fashionable woman is seen which is looking like Malaika. Women are going to 2017 from 2016 and she is leaving many such things behind her which she doesn't want to keep with her in 2017. Thing like Fake friends, Temper, Negativity, Hate, Heart Break. With this photo, Malaika wrote, 'Say goodbye to all the bullshit of 2016 n step into 2017 all new n refreshed. Happy New Year. love n happiness always.' Malaika asked 15 crores from Arbaaz Khan Malaika has expressed all the things going on in her life. She doesn't want to take anything with her which spreads negativity. Then Malaika shared her pic, in which she is looking calm and said, 'Lookin ahead n forward to 2017Lookin ahead n forward to 2017'. Salman entered the party Malaika left the party Malaika also demanded a flat in Bandra which should cost around 3.5 crores. A fixed deposit of 2.5 crores. A car of 2 crores on his son name. Well, 5 lacs per month for his son’s education. And for her, she has demanded 5 crores. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List Box office collection Superhit Movies List Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies 100 Crore Club