Mahesh Bhatt says Sheena Bora murder cased based on his story

Every big story has attracted the film makers and movies are also made on such incidents. Now the turn is of Indrani Mukherjee's daugher Sheena Bora's murder case. Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt has came forward in this saying that he has created a script 3 months ago that matches the story of Sheena Bora. In the report by Mumbai Mirror Mahesh said the bad time that Peter is going through he has sympathy for that and this is not an attempt to seek advantage of the situation. He said his real life situation is similar to his story and is based on a real incident. The story which Mahesh has written is titled as "Ab raat guzarne wali hai" which he completed in May. In this there is crime, desperation and murder and revolves around a mother and daughter. Although Bhatt ignored to share other things related to it. According to him this story is about name, fame, money, multi-partner and bi-sexual relation. He said the story is the work of his mind. He added that his virtual story matches a real life incidence. He is really disturbed to hear that.