Love Life controversies of Om Puri

Bollywood actor Om Puri passed away today in Morning due to Heart attack, he was just of 66 years old. Bollywood Versatile actor and Padma Bhushan winner Om Puri was born on 18th October 1951. Along with Bollywood, he has worked in many Hollywood film. He also had many personal controversies. Om Puri personal life was in controversy many times. He has done two marriages. In the year 1990, he got married to Seema Kapoor. Well after 1 year of marriage, Nandita entered his life. Then he left Seema and hold Nandita's hand. Seema accused Nandita of breaking her marriage. After the divorce, he got married to Nandita in 1993. He has a son Ishaan. Nandita accused Om of doing domestic violence. In the year 2013, they both got separate. Seema and Om knew each other from 11 years. Seema only proposed Om for marriage that time Om was in the relationship with some other girl, so he said no to her. Then they both got married on 1990. After 1 year Journalist Nandita Puri came in his life. In an interview, they both met. Om Puri had an affair with Nandita. Nandita accused OM Puri of beating her. Om Puri's biography 'Unlikely Hero: Om Puri' was written by Nandita. It is said that their relation got in the problem in 2009 when this book was released. Many incidents of Om Puri were written in it, so that's why their relation was spoiled. Om Puri passed away due to heart attack In the book it was written then Om Puri had an affair with the maid when he was 14 years old. He had physical relations with her. Maid was of 55 years old. Maid used to take care of him. Once electricity got off and the maid grabbed him. Om Puri discussed Shiv Sena and Pakistan Be it be any film, if Om Puri is playing then that film becomes amazing automatically. Be it be comedy or action, he fits everywhere. He was also known for Art Films. he has even done more than 20 Hollywood films. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List Box office collection Superhit Movies List Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies 100 Crore Club