Like this Varun Dhawan will fail in his filmy career

Varun Dhawan in starting won audience heart and believe. But he is devastated with Dilwale flop. Will he be able to rock in his next film? He has no answers because his decision are taken by his team, Members, Manager, PR and so called friends. It takes time to shine and few mistakes to sink. He needs to understand. Because of his father David Dhawan, he got chance so easily and was launched by Karan Johar and did not know anything about struggle. Everybody knows that crores are spent in promotion. Films are not hit with old stardom awards. Varun is not understanding this. Problem of time management is seen in him and his team. He is taking Dishoom promotion so easily, but it's his most expensive film of his career till now. They are thinking flop of Dilwale was Shahrukh lose, so that's why he is takind Dishoom lightly. It is complaint of Dishoom promotion, they call media for interview, and then he goes for lunch with his team. Which is of one hour and during that his team, make him remember his other's appointment and work. Varun has no time to talk. Now Varun needs some good team and stories. Last 4 years gave him a good start and coming next 4 years can give more high fly, but he should be on ground, keep his thought on correct place. Stars those who keep success key in their hands, they always shine and Champions who stays with his team, PR, Members is not seen after few years. He disappears.