Lakhs worth goods stolen from Salman Khan's sister Arpita's house

3.5 Lakhs worth good have been stolen from Salman Khan's sister Arpita house. Arpita stays in Pacific Apartment in Bandra along with her husband Ayush. Complaint has been filed in Police station from Arpita's side. According to Police, when things were stolen from their house, then Arpita and Ayush were out on Holiday. They got to know about the stealing when they cam back to their house on 21st August. Police has taken Arpita's maid in Custody. After interrogation with Arpita's driver and Neighbor maids, Police took Arpita's maid under custody from Nala Sopara. Maid Afsa used to stay in their house only. According to Family, they have doubt on the maid, who is lost since 30th July. Police has registered the case unser IPC section 281 against the maid. Police also said that this act has been done before Sunday. Police told, around 2.25 Lakhs cash, 10 Gm Gold coin and designer cloth were stolen. Let me tell you, Arpita got married to Ayush Sharma from Himachal in 2014. Arpita gave birth to a Baby boy in March. Name of his son is Ahil. Recently, there is news that Arpita was very good friends to Huma Qureshi. But now some differences are created between them. Huma is not seen with Arpita any more. She is not not invited to any of the house functions, because Khan family don't want Sohail Khan and Huma Qureshi to interact more. Sohail's wife Seema has also asked Sohail not to talk to Huma. You may also know : Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List