Know who is trying to get Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt together as Friends

There was a time when Salman khan and Sanjay Dutt were good friends. They both were seen together in all the parties, are seen together in many film. They became from the film Saajan. But from the time Sanjay is out of the jail, they both have not met. They don't even talk to each other, But it is heard that Maanayata Dutt is trying to make Sanjay and Salman friends. These days Maanayata is trying to Cantact Salman. Maanayata wants cold war between them to end soon. They should be friends like before, but it is difficult to happen. If Salman gets angry with Someone, then he never see towards him. Let me tell you, Issues between them were started when Sanjay took Ranbir Kapoor in his biopic. Salman did not liked it. It is been heard that, Sanjay and Salman will come in Baba Siddiqui party and all the issues between them will be finished, But Sanjay Dutt did not came, then In IIFA they both were seen maintaining distances with eachother, They both ignored eachother. Sanjay Spokesperson says that there is no problem between them. He also told they both had a long talk with coffee during an award show.