Know when Sonam Kapoor will leave her Parents House

Sonam kapoor starrer film Neerja is doing great collection at the box office in it's third week. In this film, Neerja is shown very close to her parents, in real life also Sonam Kapoor is close to her parents. Today where actresses are leaving there home after getting success and now talking different flat, on the other hand, Sonam kapoor says that she don't want to go leave her parents. She is extremely happy in her house. In an event in Mumbai, Sonam said, 'I don't want to leave my house. I want to stay with my parents. I will not leave my parents till the time I don't get married. My family is very important for me. I love Family crowd and noises. Let me tell you, Alia has bought a house for herself. Priyanka Chopra also did this, she left her parents.