Know why Salman Khan and Lulia Vantur had to break up

Many speculations were made over Salman Khan and Lulia Vantur's break up, but nothing came clearly, but why they both broke up, the reason is finally revealed. It was said that they broke up because of personals problems and over her living style, but finally, Lulia has broken her silence over this discussion. Recently in an interview, Lulia said, 'I have started singing in Hindi, I even started to learn singing, however, In India, it's very different, still I started learning. Their thinking, civilization, culture and everything is very different. There is not much privacy and many people stay together in a house, we have to wear clothes according to their living, this you have to keep in mind. Later I got to know my clothes are too deep cut according to that place, but yes, I learned many things about India and their languages.' With this statement of Lulia, it is clear that her target was Salman Khan and his family. Lulia did not stop here and told that how she risked his dream to visit India and did not though anything. She said, 'Well, I had to come to India, so I was not able to continue my theater, but I'm happy that I got a chance to work in a play.' It seems like Lulia is very shocked after breaking up with Salman Khan because Lulia was very close to Salman and his family. She was seen in all functions of Khan's family. She even stayed at Salman Khan's farmhouse with Salman. They both were seen together in reception party of Preity Zinta. The news even said that they both has secretly done engagement and they both will get married on 18th November. But everything was proved wrong when news of their break up started flashing everywhere. Lulia these days is in Romania and many rumors are spreading over Salman Khan. It is said that Salman Khan and Urvashi Rautela are coming close. But you will get to know the truth with time, now let's see what will be Salman Khan's reaction on the statement of Lulia. You may also like :- Salman Khan broke up with Lulia Vantur Shahrukh Khan will not go to Bigg Boss's show