Know Rohit Shetty revealed who is responsible for Dilwale failure

Bollywood famous director Rohit Shetty is know as hit machine in Bollywood and when in his movies cars flies in air the box office records easily breaks. But with Shahrukh Khan and Kajol starring Dilwale it didn't happen and the film didn't went as per the expectations. However when the film fails the blame game got started and people started blaming Shahrukh and Rohit Shetty for the failure. Now when Rohit Shetty has come out so he talked about Dilwale failure and said he feels that he is responsible for Dilwale failure. He says, it was the first movie which I didn't made through my conviction and it will be last one also which I didn't made through my conviction. Shahrukh Khan and Kajol's pair was become pressure on me because their both romantic aspect always been successful at the box office. That's why I started cutting comedy in the film. When I started the film it was two brother's story but Shahrukh Khan and Kajol entered in the story then the two brother theory also got affected. Due to increasing in romance we left the comedy so because of this we can't shoot the film on written script and that's why the all matter got misfire. However now Rohit Shetty has learnt from this film and he has decided that he will make only those movies on which he will be totally convinced. He said, if you are convinced to the story then do it. I though people will like Shahrukh Khan and Kajol's romance but in that I forgot my USP. That's why I didn't become successful and I feel we should analyze it. I can't defend it and now it's a time to grow up. You may also like :- Shahrukh Khan not happy with Dilwale collections Shahrukh and Rohit had a fight over Dilwale