Know why Ranveer Singh got angry on Photographers

We mush have seen very less that Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh getting angry. His attitude is considered fun loving in Bollywood industry. But there is a news that recently, he got angry on Photographers. Source told, 'Near Film industry, when Media began to encircle him for the photos, then he gor angry.' According to the information, 'Ranveer here was shooting for a brand. Here he saw that not only some photographer were chasing him but also clicking his photos without his permission. Ranveer got angry with this. This incident was of Mehboob studio.' Source told, 'It seem like Ranveer didn't wanted his look to go out. He came out and started talking to the photographers. He was angry. He tried explaining calmly. Ranveer made them remember that he happily gives poses to them. So, in this, you should not disturb me.' Ranveer Singh spokesperson said, 'Ranveer was busy that day. For shooting he was roaming from one studio to another studio. So during this Media was building pressure on him to give the pose. But his focus was to complete the shoot. Where question is on angry then he finished the whole issue calmly. He wanted to complete his work in professional manner.