Know how much Salman Khan is charging for Bigg Boss season 10?

Salman Khan's demand on the small screen is same like silver screen and this is the reason that even though the popularity of the reality show Bigg Boss gets down but every year Salman Khan is increasing his fees. Now you will get shocked to know the fees of Salman Khan for per episode of Bigg Boss and that is more than fees for a film to some actors. On the same top Bollywood actress charges that fees for one film. The news is that Salman Khan will charge 10 crores for per episode of Bigg Boss season 10. That means what is season's number the same will be Salman Khan's fees for per episode. Till now Salman Khan has hosted five seasons of the reality show Bigg Boss which comes on Colors. Even he also hosted one season with Sanjay Dutt because of low TRPs. This was the season when the show saw the highest TRP till now. Bigg Boss season 6 TRP was 4.4 but year by year it went down. Last year the situation came when the show saw TRP of 0.9. This is the same season for that Salman Khan charged 8 crores per episode. Let me tell you when Salman Khan first time came on TV through show Dus Ka Dum that time Salman Khan got hefty amount fees of 1 crores per episode. Now the growth of Salman Khan's fees shows how Salman Khan has been demanded over the years on the small screen too. You may also like :- Arjit Taneja left show for Bigg Boss VJ Baani first contestant of Bigg Boss