Know why 'Mirzya' got flop, according to Harshvardhan

Harshvardhan's 'Mirzya' got flopped badly. Harshvardhan is still saying -See Again Again. You will be shocked knowing the reason he told how the film got flopped. Some lets tell you the mistakes : First Mistake : Gulzar Anil Kapoor's son Harshvardhan don't want to take the blame on him. After 5 days of release, Harsh again kept a screening. Clarified Media. Told It's Gulzar's mistake. Gulzar wrote such a story and the way it was presented, people were not able to get it. Go and see the film again, you will get everything. Second Mistake : There was no Item Song Harsh Kapoor also thinks that because there were no splendid dialogues of 70's-80's in the film, so that's why it is the flop and also say that it is the flop because there are no item songs. Third Mistake : Marketing people Harshvardhan busted the ballon of unsuccess on Marketing team. He said, the first look of the film was not able to impress the audience. This is the mistake of the Marketing team, so that's why people did not turn up to see the film. Fourth Mistake : I have done mistakes According to Harshardhan, this film is not for everyone. Special kind of people is loving this film. I have seen this film with many other people, I don't think that my performance needs any change. Well,Harshvardhan means that every film has its own destiny. If it gets to connect to people in starting, then it's okay otherwise, people don't see it. Same happened with Aks and Delhi 6 of Rakesh Omprakash Mehra, earlier these films were not liked by the people but later they were in news. Harsh is happy that because of Mirzya he got a chance to walk on the red carpet of London Film Festival. You may also know : Mirzya Trailer