Khan Market traders association thinking to sue Salman Khan over naming of his new website

Salman Khan on his 50th Birthday has started a Online Shooping Platform for his fans. Its name is But the traders of 65 years old Delhi Khan Market are quite angry with this. They are thinking for doing case against Salman Khan. Why are traders of Khan Market angry? When was this market made? -Because of similar name, traders of Delhi Khan Market are unhappy. -Khan Market Traders Association President Sanjeev Mehra says, 'how any actor can use our Market name for any online portal. -He said, 'If Salman Khan announce the discount on the portal, then maybe customers also ask discount from us.' -Khan Market was made in 1950. It has 150 shops and 35 Resturants. -This comes on the 21th position in world in terms of rental location. -This is added in India's most costly Market. What does Lawyer says ? -According to media report, Supreme Court lawyer Sanjay Upadhaya said, ' No case is made in such issue of Trademark. There are thousands of Khan Market in India. If case is framed against Salman Khan, then he will not be found guilty.' -Trade Association President Mehra says, 'From very Long time Khan Market is this area, so we have rights on this name.' What is ? -Salman has started this for his fans only. -Fans have to get registered on this portal first. -This has not been revealed that, what all we will got on this portal? -After Being Human, this is the second biggest initiative of Salman Khan. -He is promoting this portal by his company Salman Khan venture.