Katrina Kaif spoke about Marital rape

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif says that even educated women also stay quite in Marital rape case. The reason behind this is that big percentage of Indian doesn't consider it as a crime. Actress Katrina Kaif was speaking at the 'WeUnite' conference, which marks UN Women's partnership with the IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry. According to Katrina, Because of social pressure women stays quite in the crimes like Marital rape. They are afraid that if they try to raise their voice against it, then people will start attacking her character. Voice should be raised against it. I want to say that urge more women to speak up. It is not okay to feel inferior or weak. Strange this is this that even educated women also don't step against this crime and keep bear this thing. Salman Khan danced like Katrina Kaif in ‘Koffee with Karan’ She further says that in India, a woman has been as the head of state, way before the United kingdom, still, why is there so much of discrimination over the gender in India. This is a strange thing. I can only imagine how many other crimes against women in India, which are unreported. It is not like that such incidents only happen in India, it even happens across the world. Katrina Kaif posted hot pictures from Maldives on Facebook Katrina talked about the data of National Crime Record Bureau and said, 'In India in 2001, 1,43,795 criminal cases are registered against women and in the year 2005 it got increased to 3,27,394. More than a 100 percent in numbers in these few years. However, It's my belief that people in upcoming time will stand against the crimes in India. Along with this, I expect that women will openly fight with the crime against her. You may also like :- Katrina Kaif Upcoming Movies List Bollywood Movies 2017