Kareena Kapoor wants her career to be like Zohra Sehgal

Bollywood famous actress Kareena Kapoor wants a career like veteran actress Zohra Sehgal. Kareena kapoor has spent 15 years in Bollywood and now now she is married but still she is working in the movies. Kareena said, my marriage have been a long time and I am doing movies and item songs. I want to give whole credit to Saif Ali Khan if Saif has not given me the permission it couldn't be possible. I want my career like Zohra Sehgal want to face my camera till the age of 80. Kareena said I have been 16 years working in Bollywood and in that time I have made many friends so what if they want me to dance a item song in their movie, how can I say no to them. I do item songs because women have many faces so living in one is not good. That's why sometime item songs are also good and this is the reason that I do whatever I likes.